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A Mother's Day Gift

It is such a honor to work with mothers at different stages of their journey. Many of you are mothers biologically, spiritually and emotionally, you nurture the people in your lives. You make our world a more loving place. Happy Mother's Day!

As a gift to pregnant mums Malaika's offering a 10% discount on MateniTea happening every Sunday in June 2016 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm. This series takes place only a few times a year and is kept intimate so we can give you lots of attention. Malaika collaborates with the amazing Rawlda George, who brings a wealth of knowledge as a pregnancy educator and retired midwife. Find out more

Reach out if you have any questions. And yes, the discount applies if you are gifting the series to a loved one! 

Full MaterniTea Series - four workshops with 10% Discount
 $170EC (for moms)
$270EC (for mom plus a birthing partner)




Our family run yoga studio, officially open in 2011, grows out of a desire to share this fruitful practice of yoga with the people in our communities right here in Grenada. Yoga is often seen as a luxury or an activity for an elite few. However, yoga is truly an invaluable tool that should be accessible to all people, which is why we are committed to making this a reality. This practice is one approach to developing harmony across our tri-island nation and brings us together in a shared vision for developing a balanced life through both physical and spiritual growth. 

We offer affordable classes, both private and group, as well as workshops. We have accepted invitations to participate in health fairs, children's camps and community activities island-wide. We even offer a range of unique Employee Wellness Options.


The Brooks-Smith Lowe Institute, home of Spice Harmony Yoga Studio, is a family owned holistic health center in Calivigny, St. George. We have been serving the people of Grenada for almost 14 years, since 1999. Dr. Kecia Brooks-Smith Lowe MD MPH and her team offer top of the line affordable pediatric and adult care at our medical practice.