Employee Wellness Program

A workshop at Grenada Food & Nutrition Council Employee Retreat  @ Mount St. Irvin's Retreat Center, St. Andrew


Yoga is a powerful tool to boost productivity and employee moral. Yoga has immense individual mental and physical health benefits but can also be used as a team building tool. We generally recommend relatively small groups (up to 20) so that participants get the one-on-one attention they deserve with time for interactive activities.

After you review the general options below, please contact us to set up a FREE, no obligation, consultation with one of our certified instructors so that we can develop a program that suits the needs of your organization and your employees. Click Here to refer an organization or group. If they purchase a series or workshop, you'll receive a FREE month of yoga!


Benefits to the individual

Stronger immune system

Increased circulation, diminished fatigue

Greater mental focus

Improved flexibility, strength and mobility

Improved self-esteem

• Relieves depression

Decreased stress resulting in lower blood pressure


Benefits to the whole

Increased productivity & time management skills

Decreased absenteeism

Higher rates of employee retention

Fewer incidences of repetitive stress injuries

Improved worker satisfaction and morale


Payment Options

Full subsidy: The employers offers the class complimentary to their employees

Partial subsidy: The class fee is shared by the employer and employee.

Host: The employer provides in-office space and employees pay for the class.


Types of Programs

Option 1: Feel Better, Work Better (6-8 class series)

This program will consist of 75 minute classes catered to the unique needs of your employees. It will provide a balance of yoga poses and breathing techniques to both release tension and increase flexibility and strength.

Option 2: One-time class or add us to your retreat/conference

Do you want to incorporate a unique and interactive element to your event? Perhaps you want to try out yoga with your group or company before committing to a series? This gives you a flexible option, designed specifically for your needs. 

Option 3: Lunch Break Yoga (1/2 hour)

A quick pick me up in the middle of the day that can done without changing out of typical work attire once participants have a fair amount of range of motion. These sessions will focus on utilizing available objects like chairs, desk and wall. 

Option 4: Interactive Workshops

Here are some of our workshops but we can also design one especially at your request.

  • Yoga for Stress-free Success

  • Yoga Living for a Healthy Back

  • Yoga at Your Workplace

  • Yoga Living for a Healthy Weight

  • Yoga for Women's Health

  • Yoga for Men's Health 


Option 5: Personnel Benefits Discount Package

This program gives your employees access to a 20% discount on Yoga classes, class series, and unlimited passes.


What are people saying?

"I planned a retirement seminar for members of my staff and invited Malaika to give a overview of how yoga can be an integral part of keeping oneself healthy at any age and also how to develop a greater sense of awareness. The session, which included a demonstration of the basic postures, was well received by all the participants but more especially a group of us  decided to join yoga classes.  I have felt a greater sense of well being and an inner piece that I never felt before.  Yoga has made a difference in my life!" - Janice (2013)

“I felt really relaxed and did not feel pressure to do all the poses, it was nice to move at my own time. I really enjoyed the tree pose. I learned to know my body's limits and that I can relax and work with what I have. It was great!” - Grand Anse Playgroup (SGU) Employee (2012)

“This was a great time to learn more about myself and the people I work with. I know there are those of us who push to do more and those of us comfortable to relax and move at a slower pace. I really liked the breathing techniques too.” - Grand Anse Playgroup (SGU) Employee (2012)



The aim of this study was to determine whether a comprehensive, yoga-based wellness program could positively affect multiple markers of health and wellness in an employee population. Statistically significant improvements were observed in weight, diastolic blood pressure , flexibility score, body fat percentage, and overall quality of life.


At work employees face numerous psychological stressors that can undermine their work performance. These stressors, stemming from a variety of possible causes, have enormous health and financial impacts on employees as well as employers.Practicing yoga at the workplace teaches employees to use relaxation techniques to reduce stress and risks of injury on the job. Yoga at the workplace is a convenient and practical outlet that improves work performance by relieving tension and job stress.